Pakistani cosmetics craftsman pays imaginative tribute to Noor Jehan

Pakistani cosmetics craftsman pays imaginative tribute to Noor Jehan

Shoaib Khan, a cosmetics craftsman, has paid an enthusiastic and innovative tribute to the legend Noor Jehan, Malika-e-Tarannum, the sovereign of tune.

"Experiencing childhood in the time of PTV one really wanted to be hypnotized not just by the most sweet voice you will ever hear yet a genuine understanding of magnificence of Maleeka-e-tarannum *Madam Noor Jehan*," the cosmetics craftsman shared.

"Regardless I watched her on TV and feeling awed in a moment. This is my endeavor to send a tribute to this everlasting image of excellence."

As per nearby news organization, Khan took his excellence aptitudes to the following level by making an enthusiastic tribute to the legend on Instagram, with fans doing a twofold take on the uncanny likeness.

Khan wore an emerald green outfit just as styled hair with a bloom as an afterthought. What's more, we need to state, it's difficult to differentiate with an indistinguishable picture of Jehan and Khan one next to the other, directly down to the announcement adornments and excellence mark close to the lip.

He is known for reproducing well known characters and characters, taking to web based life to share his looks. As of late, Khan changed himself into Joaquin's Phoenix's despicable character Joker, just as Angelina Jolie's misjudged dark pixie Maleficent.

On what it implies for being a craftsman on an individual level, Khan recently uncovered, "Being a craftsman we feel each feeling more than some other individual, and you can see those feelings through our work."

Meeting up with his supporters about how craftsman's work with commitment regardless of what's happening in their own lives, the change master kept on sharing his involvement with the field.

Regardless of what's happening in our lives despite everything we must be grinding away on schedule and do our work with all the commitment."

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